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The new electrically in height-adjustable toilet.

The toilet can be electrically adjusted in height without any steps from 39 to 52 cm. The standard height is 41 cm. The system is suitable for a body weight of up to 180 kg. The height adjustment makes it easy to use for people with injuries or disabilities. It is also extra easy to use for wheelchair users. It facilitates accessibility and getting up. It ensures optimal bowel movement  because the height adjustment can also be operated  while sitting on the toilet.

Advantages of the system

  • The system can aid people to stand up.
  • The system can be completely integrated in the wall and forms therefore no obstacle.
  • The Flexsiz Flush is designed to be maintenance-free. After installation there is no need for maintenance anymore.
  • The system can easily replace any existing built-in reservoir.
  • FLEXSIZ avoids the use of raised toilet seats and the associated cost (cost of purchase, rent and maintenance)
  • There is less care needed during each toilet use so institutes can save precious time and cost.
  • In case there is care needed during toilet use, the care taker can easily operate the height adjustment and will burdened less physically.
  • one can save on cleaning cost, because the front of the system is made from one piece, without any seams or joints which makes the cleaning of the toilet more efficient.
  • The system is due to its smart design competitive in price.

Design options

  1. The front of the system can be equipped with hardened safety glass which can be supplied in several colors.
  2. The front can also be equipped on customer specification. Each image can be printed on the back of the glass creating a unique customized design.
  3. The bottom plinth can be equipped in stainless steel.
  4. The Flexsiz system can be equipped with arm extra arm supports in case necessary.